Rosa Laura Junco

CEO The Knife Media

New York

Rosa Laura Junco

CEO of The Knife Media


Rosa Laura Junco

Rosa Laura Junco is currently The Knife Media’s CEO. She co-founded and co-developed the company in 2014, and currently leads the company’s editorial, marketing and technology efforts.

Rosa Laura was raised in Monterrey, Mexico, in a family with deeply rooted traditions in writing and journalism. She has had the privilege of serving on various boards within Grupo Reforma, the largest print media company in Mexico. That has included the company’s community editorial boards, which are a unique feature of the group’s newspapers. Rosa Laura Junco witnessed how the newspapers, which are owned by her family, became key players in the fight for freedom of speech, democratic elections, and access to public information in her country. She developed an understanding of the responsibility the media has in crafting a community’s future. This inspired her to strive to create ethical standards that could apply to the entire media industry and ensure that news helps people be better informed and make better choices. She believes The Knife Media is an excellent means of achieving this.

Although Rosa Laura Junco relocated to the United States in 2008 given the increased violence in Mexico, she maintains strong personal and professional ties to her country.